Welcome to Pogoland!

Pogo here! Welcome to Pogoland. This is the world where Poodles rule, and I am the Queen. Just a little about me: I am Canadian by birth and spent my childhood in Montana. Now, I am happily residing in Texas. The warmer weather suits me just fine. I wasn't a big fan of snow. Not at all.

Let me introduce you to my family:

CallieThis is one of my sisters Callie. She and I are fairly good friends. She is pretty nice to me. We even have been known to sit close to each other.
On the other hand, she's still a cat. So, she likes to slap me every once in a while if I get too close to her treats.


MammaThis is my other sister Mama. She likes to slap at me, chase me and she even hides behind things and attacks me. "Bad Form", I tell you.
She is probably the incarnation of ultimate evil, but my parents don't believe me. Oh well. They'll find out soon enough.


My video, so you can get some insight into my world: