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  • Dog Days of Summer

    Ahh... here I am again pondering some of the silly little things my Mother say's.

    What is,  "Dog Days of Summer???"

    Pogo enjoying Summer time.All I know that it is hot! To darn hot! My idea of Dog Days of Summer is,  "Get me into the air-conditioning quick."

    At 70ยบ I can understand laying on my pillow outside in the sun. (I make my Mom move my pillow around the yard for the optimum lounging environment).This way I can enjoy the sun in the best possible way. But, not in the Summer!!!

    So, It should be Dog Days of Spring or Dog Days of Fall. Not, Dog Days of Summer.

    So, until next time when my Mom has something crazy to say. Happy couch weather to all. I'm inside where I should be:)

  • South Padre

    Here I am in South Padre Island enjoying the beautiful sunset. I had a great time. Got in some exercise and some well deserved sleep time. Ahh.. the life that I have.

  • Ayee Mate

    Pogo the PirateYes, I am a typical tourist. If you see a wooden statue with a hole in the head, you must stick you head through it to have your picture taken. I made my Mom and Dad also have their picture taken.

    I had a lovely time at South Padre Island. The best is running in the dry sand, you can keep the wet sand and the water though.

  • Mom's B-Day

    Mom's cakeMom had a B-Day so I helped Dad make her a cake. My Dad and I make a great team. We made her a Red Velvet cake with white chocolate/cream cheese frosting. I supervised while Dad did the work. This is why it turned out soo.... very good.

  • "Raining Cats and Dogs"

    "Raining Cats and Dogs," what in the world is this suppose to mean.

    I hear my Mom say this to me when ever it is raining. Is she just nuts? Has she completely lost all means of reason. I look out and all I see is wet. It looks like someone has taken my water bowl and dumped it up side down.

    Personally, I hate it. Oh and where is the justice in this world. We all know that Dogs are superior to Cats and yet..... I have to go outside, get wet just to go to the bathroom. However, those Cats get to use an indoor bathroom. 

    Crazy and absolutely mixed up if you ask me!

  • A New Brother?

    Well, my Parents have just informed me that I am getting a new Brother. I am just thrilled... NOT! Oh, yes they also informed me that it is another CAT. What?! Another cat?! I can not handle the two cats that we already have. My new brothers' name is Blu. Blu!? What kind of name is that? Parents... what am I going to do with them?
  • The Evil Cats

    The evil cats almost had me today. I was going down the hall, minding my own business, and they ambushed me. One right after the other. I promised my pet human after they had moved in that I would be nice to the cats, so I can't do anything to stop this from happening. I feel powerless, and know that one day... some day soon... the kitties are going to eat me.

  • Pogo Jejo is Live!

    Hello, I'm writing to inform you all that my official fan website and blog are up and running. Thank you for taking the time to view my website and read my blog. It has been a long time coming!

    After all, when all the world says "YES", who am I to say "no"?

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